Howard J


 Howard J

 Howard Jay has bass in his blood. A native of Jamaica, West Indies, Howard has always found joy playing the music of his homeland, whether working with Jamaican reggae artist Pam Hall or holding down the rhythm in his current gig with Long Island's Project Vibe.

Of course, like any musician determined to grow, Howard has never limited himself to one genre – or even one instrument. He has worked as a DJ and studio engineer. Between 2000 and the present, he has played funk ‘n’ roll with Tom Angelo, R&B and soul with Mika, rock with a folk twist with Lisa Bodnar, Latin pop with Mara Sanchez, smooth jazz with Special Blend and Native Noiz, and a wide range of disco and funk classics with the band Konkoction (with whom he also performs bass and lead vocal duties ).

Howard prides himself on his professionalism, always showing up to gigs (whether live or studio) prepared and on time. Currently devoting much of his free time to the study of the upright bass, Howard writes his own material as well. Howard has always been contented to stand in the shadows with his bass supporting others now he feel compelled to step forward.  He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Look out for his 2016 release!

 Written by Tom Angelo